Wire machining 1

Delivery and insertion Thread cutting
Notching Marking

Lug pressing Punching
Cutting and deburring Flattening in wire

Typical diameter 1/4“ - 3/4“, up to 60 pcs./min. on one machining line, up to 35 pcs./min. when machining at several stations, any combination possible, series runs from 20,000 parts, finished part falling out, power requirement approx. 25 kW 

Important aspects of bending slides: the compatibility with tools and the position on the working wall

Along with the rated deformation force and maximum stroke, the compatibility with different tools is an important factor for bending slides. The more different tools a bending slide can accommodate, the wider is the range of products which the punching-bending machine can manufacture. The Schmale punching-bending machines make it possible to attach the bending slide to the working wall in any position desired. This means that the bending slide can be mounted from the front to work from behind, on the table, or on brackets. The slide can additionally be positioned at various angles on the working wall. This has the advantage of preventing jamming, scraping and sliding during the production process. Keys prevent the bending slide from slipping on the wall. Keys can be screwed between bending slides and tools as required. This also ensures that the required slide position will be found again. The safety requirements and mounting specifications of the respective punching-bending machine must always be observed for the installation and before commissioning of a newly mounted slide.



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