Swaging of solid material – the technologies

Swaging of solid material means the forming of new workpieces from solid metal parts. It represents a central forming process in industrial metal processing. As is also the case with the swaging of pipe material, the mass of the workpiece is retained while its form is changed when swaging solid material. In industrial manufacturing, wires and other metal parts are swaged in various, often highly complex work processes to produce a wide variety of different components such as axles, drive shafts, transmission shafts, steering rods, etc. The possible applications for the swaging of solid material are thus extremely broad: Depending on the specific requirements for the workpieces, it is possible to achieve a whole range of different results and levels of complexity. Swaging of solid material also offers some advantages compared to other production processes. A notable advantage are the material savings. Swaging of solid material normally forms components without creating any surplus material: It does not produce material edges that need to be separated and recycled. The use of materials is thus optimized in this type of production process. In addition, components formed by the swaging of solid material display an exceptionally high level of stability, safety and durability. The homogeneous grain structure of the components and the lack of welded seams or other joining processes are additional advantages offered by the swaging of solid material.

Swaging of solid material with machines from Schmale

The innovative production machines for wires, pipes and strips from Schmale Maschinenbau GmbH combine a variety of different production processes with one another. Both the newly developed SPPEDMAX from Schmale and also the machines in the X2000 series can integrate the swaging of solid material into a complex production process. Special machines that are custom designed for a specific production situation can also be suitable for the swaging of solid material as part of a tailored production process. If the swaging of solid material is desired by a customer, Schmale firstly analyses the specific production situation and then develops the optimal production machine. Great importance is placed on the upgradeability and energy efficiency of the machines during the design process. This enables the swaging of solid material to be integrated into the intelligent automation of various technologies. The customer receives a modern, future-oriented and energy-efficient machine that has been precisely tailored to his requirements.


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