Swaging of pipe material in forming technology

Pipes and solid components can be given a new form through swaging and processed into a wide variety of different workpieces. A characteristic feature of swaging of pipe material and wire is that the mass of the component is retained while the dimensions are changed at the same time. Swaging produces a uniform collar or multiple collars or a head on the workpiece. The swaging of pipe material is one of the traditional forming processes and is used alongside a series of other technologies for pipes and solid materials such as bending, flattening or punching. Although the relevant forming process is generally tied to certain machines in traditional forming technology, modern production machines are capable of combining a variety of different technologies and thus performing individual production tasks more efficiently. The swaging of pipe material can be used to produce components for a wide variety of industrial segments. There are hardly any limits placed on the complexity of the components because the swaging of pipe material can be combined with other forming processes.

Swaging of pipe material with machines from Schmale

Machines from Schmale Maschinenbau GmbH are capable of efficiently combining the swaging of pipe material with other processes found in forming technology. As is the case with all other production technologies, Schmale places the highest standards on the productivity and future viability of the machines for the swaging of pipe material. The machines produce complex components from pipes and other materials in an economical and flexible manner. Production examples for the swaging of pipe material for batch productions from 20,000 parts: a Schmale machine with a power consumption of approx. 25 kW produces 25 ready-for-use parts per minute out of a pipe with a 10 mm diameter. The production process is optimized using modern control technology, digital programing, easy operation and the optimization of all work processes. Schmale analyses all of the parameters involved in the forming process from the coil through to the end product and optimizes the machines accordingly. This enables Schmale to realize work processes for the swaging of pipe material and for all other Schmale production machines for wires, pipes and strips in an extremely quick and economical manner.


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