app. 18ft x 8.2ft, app 22,000 lbs

door striker on 6ft work wall, wire from coil (not shown), NC roll feeder, 1.2 sec cycle time

You can watch one of our X2000NC machines in action on our Youtube channel.

The Sprinter
Clamping ring machines
The Specialist
Special machines
The Individualist
Drive Servoelectric
Feed roller
Servo-hydr. feed-in  
Production speed 0 to 200 pcs./min.
Typ. wire diameter 1/16" to 1"
Typ. strip dimensions to 3" x 1/4"
Free work surface 78" to 275" wide
Transfer system
Stations max. up to 15
Force functions up to 100
Typical forces 7,000 to 450,000 pound
Servo axes up to 100
Standard hydr. function optional
Remote service
Weight approx. from 20,000

The Schmale X2000 Series

With its X2000 NC, Schmale presented the first completely servo-electrically driven production system in 2012. The X2000 NC was thus the first machine of its type to handle the drive axle segment without oil or hoses. The Schmale X2000 machine fleet has meanwhile increased to include 4 models: the X2000 NC was supplemented by the X2000 NC-BB and the X2000 BK which is compatible with Bihler tools. The hydro-mechanically driven X2000 D has also been added here. The omission of hydraulic oil has a positive effect on the maintenance requirements of the servo-electric X2000 models as no more oil can leak which must be monitored and removed. Maintenance work such as filling and bleeding of the hydraulic hoses can also be dispensed with. The use of servo-electrical X2000 models saves considerable time for setup work, since mechanical cam discs are no longer necessary. The electronic control system can also be easily operated by touchscreen without long training periods. A major step was taken in the area of energy savings. The power consumption is thus 70% below that of a servo-hydraulic system.

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