Best of two worlds

Can you imagine to run your standard Bihler* tools on a fully servoelectric driven SCHMALE machine? Are you limited in the force of your slides and thus in the variablility of the products? Do you know the advantages of servo electric drives?

SCHMALE combined the two successful concepts of SCHMALE and Bihler*.

Your advantages:
+ almost no force limitation
+ NC-slides up to 240 kN (54,000 lbs)
+ NC-Press units up to 2000 kN (450,000 lbs)
+ standard or customized to your needs
+ easy useable via touch display
+ all additional possibilities in the SCHMALE system like punching, swaging, threading and many more
+ modularity and compatibility

Dimensions: app. 5.5m x 2.5m, app. 13 to. (18 ft x 8 ft, 30,000 lbs)

A video (german) showing the advantages of our Bihler* compatibility can be watched on our Youtube channel.


*Trademark of Otto Bihler Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG

Schmale technology with Bihler compatibility – The X2000 BK

In reaction to a series of customer queries, Schmale Maschinenbau developed a system with its X2000 BK which enables compatibility with Bihler tools. The background for this was the need of many customers to have higher bending forces available to them. This was achieved by converting a Schmale X2000 NC machine. It was converted with adapter plates in a way that made it compatible with Bihler tools. Forces of up to 240kN are now possible at the bending-slide level.  If even more power is required, up to 2000 kN can be added to the X2000 Press models. The wide range of reshaping forces makes it possible to process many different materials. The processing of wire (up to 22 mm), steel strip (up to 5x60 mm) and pipes is possible. Quantities of 200 pieces/min can be achieved with the cycle output, depending on the specific requirement.

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