Test stations

A test station can be operated both as a standalone station and in conjunction with other machines. The modular concept can be used for a wide range of tasks.
A pick&place system packs the tested and processed parts, e.g. in blister packaging.

You can watch a video of one of our test stations in action on our Youtube channel.

Brushing + Rinsing Customer-specific test programs up to 1/1000 mm
Dimensional measuring + Finish checking

One test station can be used to realize many work processes typically associated with production. These include cleaning, measuring, labelling, turbulent flow testing, visual process, packaging, calibration, fitting, etc. .

Mechanical and electronic cams in comparison

In the design of modern punching & bending machines, the replacement of mechanical cams with electronic cams can be observed more and more frequently. The reasons for this development can be found in the clearly increased flexibility of the electronic cams as opposed to the mechanical cam gears. This effect becomes very clear when the product parameters must be changed. If mechanical cams are used, the entire cam disc must be replaced in this case – a procedure which is naturally connected with high expenditure. Electronic cams in contrast offer the option of simply programming in the new parameters with very little data. An additional benefit can be added to the high flexibility offered by electronic cams: electronic cams enable operation with considerably higher cycle times than mechanical versions and thus an increase in the machine’s productivity.


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