Speedmax The revolution in bending technology


Processing steps / production speed:

The SPEEDMAX is available in three variants (S,M,L). In the current version the SPEEDMAX (S) has 20 processing stations and can produce up to 200 parts per minute. Our engineers developed a new machine concept which combines the advantages of 3D-CNC wire bending and wire bending by slides. Bending, embossing, notching, flattening, joining, punching, swaging of tubes and wire are possible production technologies in the 20 processing stations.

Set-up time:

The set-up time for a product change with 3D bends is e.g. only a few minutes if the wire has the same diameter. If necessary - tools are changed in less than 2 minutes.

New video: Impressions of our SPEEDMAX "S" wire processing Youtubegrafik

A video on our Youtube channel shows the revolutionary technical innovation of the SPEEDMAX 

For more information (USA and Canada) please contact our sales manager Harry Rotsch, 706 Peteywood Drive, Austell, GA, 30106  USA, Phone: +1 678-469-9294 harry.rotsch@schmale-machinery.com 

From other countries please contact our sales department in Germany (+)49 2352 54864-12 or andreas.goseberg@schmale-gmbh.de

Another video (voice over only in german) shows the first SPEEDMAX presentation in November 2016.


Variant Diameter Length
S 1/20" to 1/4" up to 12"
M 1/4" to 1/3" up to 20"
L 1/3" to 1/2" up to 20"

SPEEDMAX special designs are possible on request


The following production technologies are possible in the 20 processing stations:

Bending, embossing, notching, flattening, joining, punching, swaging,... 
(of tubes and wire)


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