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Special machines
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Drive Servoelectric Hydromechanical Hydromechanical Servoelectric Do you have products,
for which manufacturing
on a series
machine is not practical?

The intelligent combination
of technologies can result
in a special machine.

Our concepts are
as individual as your
product to be manufactured
Feed roller
Servo-hydr. feed-in      
Production speed 0 to 200 pcs./min. 0 to 60 pcs./min. 0 to 40 pcs./min. 0 to 28 pcs./min.
Typ. wire diameter 1/16" to 1" 1/16" to 1" 1/16" to 1 1/4"  
Typ. strip dimensions to 3" x 1/4" to 3" x 1/4" to 3" x 1/4" to 2" x 1/8"
Free work surface 78" to 275" wide 78" to 275" wide 78" to 275" wide  
Transfer system
Stations max. up to 15 up to 15 up to 15 6
Force functions up to 100 9 to 18 24 2
Typical forces 7,000 to 450,000 pound 7,000 to 450,000 pound 7,000 to 450,000 pound 340,000 pound
Servo axes up to 100 up to 100 up to 100 8
Standard hydr. function optional optional optional 0
Remote service
Weight approx. from 20,000 from 40,000 from 55,000 from 20,000

Strip-processing components made in Germany

The customers for strip-processing machines come from the most diverse industries, as strip processing with punching-bending machines is an economical, speedy and frequently used production process. The strip is delivered on coils and then further processed automatically in the machine until the desired component is completed. The pressure on the producer is high – German brands must compete with cheap production from abroad, particularly from Asia. Only those who continuously increase their quality and can produce flexibly – naturally under economical conditions – can hold their ground on the market. Examples of German companies successful in strip processing show that this is possible. Servo-controlled punching-bending machines of the newest generation as they are produced by Schmale Maschinenbau enable efficient and high-quality production, even with small batch sizes and the highest level of flexibility in the production range. Schmale machines for strip processing are designed according to customer specifications to perfectly meet their requirements. They thus present an excellent opportunity for the manufacturers and purchasers of strip-processing products to continue to successfully rely on products manufactured in Germany.

Strip processing with punching-bending machines from Schmale Maschinenbau

Schmale punching-bending machines can be used to achieve the highest level of strip processing quality. All of the X2000 series machines process strips quickly and precisely. Servo-electrical drives enable low-maintenance work with a wide production range. The conversion times for strip processing are minimal; the machines are conveniently operated by touchpad. The machines also offer increased protection of the materials and a correspondingly high quality of the final product. This includes, for example, a precise cut with minimum burr. The power consumption for strip processing is just 25-30 kW for Schmale machines. Schmale machines for strip processing are 100% flexible. The positions of holes, slots, threads, and bends can be freely selected. Schmale places great value on exhausting all of a machine’s optimization potential. The customer can be sure of obtaining a highly productive strip-processing machine which is equipped for the future.

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