Servo-electric aggregates

Servo-electric feed-in roller Press with toolchanger
Pro: Easy setting, Adjustment while system is running, Moving possible when system is stationary, Several strokes possible, No restriction of feed-in length, Feed-in length is saved, Profiling possible 90,000 pound servo press with integrated 8-fold tool changer, typical tool changing in 0.6 seconds, typical punching process in 0.8 seconds

Thread former Fingerbender
Thread formers with automatic positioning above the material, automatic change between different thread formers, typical thread forming process including tool changing in 1 second Servo-electrical finger bending machine in many variations for wire and strip

Decoiler Buffer magazine
Coils to 3t., Ø3/8" - 1", robust design, Made in Germany Pro:Cut sections can be delivered, Low energy consumption. Add:Materials may be expensive, Length cannot be changed while machine is running

Short videos of a thread former, fingerbenders, feeders, decoilers and bufer magazines




buffer magazines

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